Tuesday, April 22, 2008

JaxOutLoud.com expirements with citizen activism..

Over at JaxOutLoud, it's always been our goal to help the residents of Jacksonville interact with the government in productive ways. We want to make sure the people of Jacksonville have an opportunity to have their voices heard in matters that affect us all.

Not everyone can make it to committee meetings during the day or even to City Council meetings in the evening hours. We believe the internet is the most effective tool for putting the people in touch with their representatives. To that end, we have a bit of an open beta concerning Bill 2008-206 and the Dick Brown litigation against the City.

Check it out...

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diverdan363 said...

hey Jimmie
nice going,your link on jaxoutloud
failed to open the file was corrupt or so it says.wanted to review your complaint.also any suggestions on www.savemayportvillage.net The fishermen who lived their and fished all their lives are being pushed out current you have 30 shrimp boats there jaxport is only offering 6 slips you figure if you got land dockage from the coastguard base to matt rowlands all that is left is the ferry slip where is the dockage for the shrimpers none. 8 acreas takes the entire dock space minus the ferry slip?