Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One more for the road...

I don't know if Senator Clinton is an optimist or a pessimist or a realist. But no matter how she views the world or her campaign to be the Democratic nominee for President, it would be hard to miss the cue at this point. It's time for Hillary Clinton to step aside. I believe that in her speech given last night, she began to step off the stage, acknowledging on some level that the math itself prevents her from moving forward.

Actually, the speeches from Senators Obama and Clinton struck a conciliatory note, at least to my ear. They each took steps to begin a healing process that will be critical for a Democratic victory in November. There are still some issues on the table. What to do about Michigan and Florida? Obama looks ready to let her have her share of Florida and to split Michigan down the middle. Now that it's clear he can do that without upsetting his lead, or even his now-inevitable nomination, I believe it's the right choice for him to make.

There's a primary calendar that could be problematic. West Virginia on the 13th looks like it will go heavily for Senator Clinton. If she leaves the race today, but still wins in WV, it could be an embarrassment to Senator Obama and a media circus that would benefit McCain.

So, I say stick it out until the 13th, Senator Clinton. Make it one more victory for the road. Continue to be gracious, as you were in your speech last night. Fire Mark Penn. Put the Big Dog's leash back on. Don't spend a dime. You and Bill sit down with Barack and Michelle. Hang out in WV for the week. Win it, and, on the night of the 13th from Wheeling or Morgantown or Charleston -- or maybe even from Chicago -- give the speech we all need to hear. Hang it up, endorse Senator Obama (you are the ultimate Super Delegate), and help him heal the party and head to victory in November.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jimmy. My name is Morgan Orlins and I can be contacted at I actually DO live in Ponte Vedra and I used to live in Jacksonville. I finally came across what you guys wrote about me in JaxOutLoud. I don't wish anything bad for anyone in Jacksonville. I just cannot BELIEVE that we're suing Seminole Cty. over a TINY bit of water (relatively speaking). It makes me wonder what sort of society we've become. That's all. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Morgan Orlins

Anonymous said...

This was my reply which I attempted unsuccessfully to post at J.O.L. It's not the most user friendly site..

--No problem Jimmy. I was responding on that topic because I recoil at what I see as a "busybody" descent into madness. This topic (Seminole County's thirst) seems SO petty once you understand the numbers involved and I'm terribly disappointed that we're doing this.
Some of the criticisms of me were fair, "he's out of the mainstream of opinion"--PROUDLY so! One of them wasn't, and I'm referring to the dishonest Orlando Sentinel hit piece. That little blurb is the sort of thing that gives all reporters a bad name. I did learn something VERY important in my 45 minute discussion/interview with Etan that day: NEVER, EVER, EVER do another interview without bringing a tape recorder!


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